Zingr is a social network app to discover what happens near You. This social app discover nearby people and shows you videos, photos, stories, events, news and everything what happens in Your city, around You..

The social app Zingr helps you to reach local communities and neighborhoods:

  • Share funny videos with people around you
  • Share your selfie, nature photos with nearby people
  • Ask your neighborhoods for their help if you lost your pet
  • Searching for a job? Ask your local communities to help You!
  • Do you need more followers for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter pages… Share a post!
  • If you love to chat with stranger people – lets do it!
  • If you love dating and searching someone to date and meet.
  • Searching new friends to meet.
  • Do you need to rent an apartment? a flat or a house? Post it!
  • Need a ride home?
  • Discover nearby events! A Party, a club or any othe event.
  • Share news, what happens in your city!
  • Searching clients, customers for your business? Find them around you!
  • Promoting your business for free?
  • Would you like to be an influencer of your city?

What you should know about Zingr:

  • Zingr protects your privacy and wont share your current location.
  • Zingr is not asking you to share any your private info ( passwords, home address, age, real name and etc).
  • Zingr was built on same software as Facebook, Instagram….
  • Zingr is translated in more than 45 languages.
  • Zingr was built in Lithuania, small country in Europe.
  • Zingr CEO Kęstutis can be reached by manopastininkas@gmail.com